Do I need a 4WD to get there?

No – the access roads are unsealed, but generally well-maintained. Most normal vehicles will have no problems. Larger vehicles (e.g. buses and mobile homes) may have some difficulty via some roads – call us for more information.

Do you provide meals?

No – we provide all normal cooking facilities, but no food. However, we can arrange “barbeque packs” (with advance notice) and local catering for special group events – please call us for more information.

Do you provide linen?

Yes – all bed linen and towels for each guest will be provided. However, if you want to bring your own, feel free.

Can I bring my hair dryer, game console, portable DVD player, laptop computer etc?

We’d appreciate it if the use of high wattage devices can be kept to a minimum. But normal electronic gizmos are ok.

Do you have clothes washing facilities?

Yes – there is a washing machine on the site. However, it must only be used with the permission of the management. Since it draws a lot of power we may need to turn on the generator when it is in use.

Can I fish in the Clyde?

Yes – we have some fishing tackle available, but you will have to provide your own bait and fishing license. Mostly, what you will catch is Australian Bass.

Can I canoe in the Clyde?

Yes – but as to exactly where, it depends on the time of year. In our part of the river you can canoe except when the river is at its lowest – but downstream from us (nearer Nelligen) would be ok all year. Call us for more details. Also, we do not provide any canoes or kayaks – you would have to bring your own.

 Can I swim in the Clyde?

Yes – one of the best swimming holes in the upper Clyde is on the section that abuts our property – apparently no-one knows how deep it really is!

Can I drink the water?

Yes – all the water in all the cabins is rainwater collected on the site, and is perfectly drinkable. We do not use the river water in the cabins.

What else is there to do there?

Anything. Nothing. Compose a symphony. Or a chart-topper. Write the Great Australian Novel. Or a short story. Create your masterpiece. Or just relax and unwind. Get in touch with your inner self. Or with nature. Your choice.