Rates & Booking

The easiest way to book any of our cabins is via airbnb – click on the name of the cabin below, and a new page will open to allow you to book:

Carisbrook Lodge. Three bedrooms, sleeps 7.

Budawang Cottage. Two bedrooms, sleeps 6.

Didthul Cot. One bedroom, sleeps 2.

Bhundoo Lodge:  Currently unavailable except for guest bookings.

All cabins are $120 – $160 per night*, which includes two guests**

All prices include GST.

We allow the use of tents, caravans and camper wagons on the retreat only for additional guests of those who are renting a cabin. Please contact us to discuss arrangements before you book your cabin.

* Pricing depends on season. Check airbnb for exact pricing for specific dates.

** Additional guests are an extra $25 per person per night for all cabins. This includes additional guests using tents, caravans, camper wagons or other sleeping arrangements.